Valor Legends: Eternity


💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Valor Legends (by Century Games Pte. Ltd.)

✔Gift Code: VL777

Exquisite graphic design!
A feast for the eyes, created especially for you: simple and elegant style and high-quality hero models will allow you to plunge into this vibrant world.

No monotonous pumping!
Save in-game rewards automatically and relax!


Reset heroes practically for free!
Reset heroes and get back all the materials you used to upgrade! Form different teams with just a few taps!


Share levels with your heroes!
Accept the blessing of the Chapel of Grace and instantly make your low-level heroes stronger!


Lots of strategies available!
Hundreds of unique heroes from different factions with special skills! Summon heroes and train them to turn them into mighty warriors! Create your own battle formations for attack and defense on a 4v4 battle map!


Intense real-time battles!
All battles take place in real time! Victory is at hand!


Lots of features!
Fight the keepers of the endless challenge; explore mysterious lands; accept missions; go on expeditions with your strongest team! Mountains of fun are already waiting for you!

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