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Vampire Survivals: Puzzle War

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Vampire Survivals: Puzzle War (by Black Beard Game Ltd.)

This is a world where humans and vampires coexist.
The long-lasting war between races was interrupted by a bloody resurrection, and Lilith, the ancestor of the vampire, had been awakened. However, the dark force got out of control, assimilating countless creatures into the infected.
Viruses are still raging… Only fighting is the best way to survive.

Vampire Vs Human
Be a human with future technology or a vampire who control magic? Choose your race and occupation freely, everything is up to you.

Vampire Survivals: Puzzle War

Fight Variant Bosses
Variant bosses Hunting is your quest. Whether fighting alone or with your allies, the smooth combat feel will keep you hooked.

Vampire Survivals: Puzzle War

Explore The Darkness
Embark on an unknown adventure with your partners. Leave your footprints anywhere…Explore while fighting infected, the vast dark world is waiting for you.

Vampire Survivals: Puzzle War

Customize Your Styling
Refuse to be the same! Dozens of trendy fashions for you to choose from. Customize your character and gear to be the best-looking warrior in Isthalne.

Auto Battle Easy Gain
Fully automatic battle lets you free your hands. Experience fun battles at any time, easily get massive rewards, and become a master before you know it!

Available: Google Play – USA

Vampire Survivals: Puzzle War

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