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Vanguard: Battle Arena – ENG

Early access + Apk

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Vanguard: Battle Arena (by Rare Forge)

Explore the Arena! Get ready for a breathless battle with colorful epic heroes in Vanguard! An exciting epic RPG adventure awaits you!
Create your team with strong characters, beat your opponent with quick tactics and smart strategies, win the game.
Are you ready for RPG battle with epic heroes with fantastic abilities in Vanguard?


Defend against the enemy by dragging and dropping powerful characters in your team to strategic points. Enjoy the brand new battle arena experience to the fullest! Collect chests by protecting your throne, and become a champion by fighting fearlessly with the enemy! Choose the battle arena you want for a breathless fight in Vanguard, make your defense in the game and become a partner in the role playing experience.
Fight with your epic heroes in destroyed castles, a desert with skulls or jungle themed battlefields, enjoy the game!

Vanguard: Battle Arena


There are more than 35 epic heroes fighting for you in the battle arena. Choose your battle tactic, defend, fight and become the champion of the game with Golem, Archer, Mage, Crazy Goblin, Knight, Wizard, Barbarian, Monster, Rifleman, Dark Lord and many more.
Fight your opponent to win prizes and victory is yours!

Vanguard: Battle Arena


An adventurous skirmish awaits you across 14 different epic maps and 50 breathtaking RPG battle arenas!
Experience unique rpg combat with your epic heroes on maps created in the middle of the enchanted forest, barren and burned areas with skulls, desert, destroyed towers or a jungle with dense trees!

Strengthen your team as you pass the levels and become the hero of the game! Make a new defense in each level, skip the round, thanks to the clever strategies and powerful heroes you will make during the battle in the battle arena!

Vanguard: Battle Arena


Choose your epic heroes with powerful and unique features and build your team! Create the right strategy for the battles, defend in the fight, win the epic battle! Fight more than 30 armies! You won’t believe it when you see your new powers. Enjoy the exciting RPG experience of the fantasy world!

Vanguard: Battle Arena


Enter the RPG fantasy universe of Vanguard Battle Arena, explore the adventure and experience the unique battle arena. With its modern interface and new graphic design, collect rewards as you complete levels and strengthen your epic heroes! You will be enchanted by the Vanguard world. An adventurous battle awaits you in fantastic and realistic arenas prepared for an enjoyable and breath-taking gaming experience! Defend with your strategies, win the game and become a champion!

Available: Google Play / App Store – Turkey

Vanguard: Battle Arena
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