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Vegamix Holiday

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The description of Vegamix Holiday

A major colorful Festival is about to begin! Pack your suitcase and go to the Town to help Granny.

Make combinations of three matching pieces to help townspeople deal with the results of an awful disaster that hit the town. Progress through the story and unlock new quests. Meet Granny’s neighbors and learn about their incredible lives. Join your effort and hold an unbelievable Harvest Festival. Everybody must take part in it!

Features of the game:

Vegamix Holiday
Vegamix Holiday
Vegamix Holiday
Vegamix Holiday
Vegamix Holiday

★ a match 3 puzzle with adorable pieces and elements – the genre millions of people absolutely love!
★ hundreds of levels to satisfy anybody’s taste!
★ a wide range of unusual game elements and boosters!
★ a gripping storyline about the quiet Town and its people!
★ locations and characters that won’t get you bored!
★ charming colorful graphics guarantee that you’ll enjoy every second of the game!

This kind and light-hearted story is full of pleasant surprises! The Town never ceases to amaze. You might meet an eccentric sculptor who hides his masterpieces from the rest of the world. How about walking further down the path and tasting honey at an apiary? But watch out for bees! There also lives a brilliant inventor—a girl who is capable of designing unbelievable devices and machines! Oh, something seems not to be working as she planned…

Prove that you are up for the challenge and can help transform the Town for the Harvest Festival! This amazing holiday is full of adventures which you will never forget. Start the exciting journey right now!

Vegamix Holiday
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