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Venture Valley

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💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of Venture Valley (by Singleton Foundation)

Venture Valley is an esports-style multiplayer game that lets you pit your business savvy against friends and competitors. Slam down cards that will leave your opponents scrambling to deal with their muddling effects – or use the cards to bolster your own enterprises! Build your empire from scratch, starting with a dog walking business. Then, grow it by creating a successful mini-golf, pizza parlor, drone delivery service, robot factory, and other exciting companies. Earn money and reinvest in your hustle by upgrading your HQ, showing everyone who’s really the boss!

Venture Valley

Start Off in Fortune Springs
Begin your Venture Valley adventures in Fortune Springs where you’ll be able to meet our Mentors and get tips about playing the game. Learn the basics such as creating a business, adjusting product prices and wages to make a profit, playing with cards, and challenging our Bots for a competitive test run before jumping into Mapleburgs where the real action begins!

Venture Valley

Build Businesses in Mapleburgs
Everyone starts small in Mapleburgs, so don’t sweat it. You can take a simple dog walking business, add some employees, a few smart business choices… and bingo! You’ll be walking llamas, alligators, and other nutty creatures while building yourself a small fortune! Switch over to the Custom Lobby or Multiplayer mode when you’re ready to take on friends or foes!

Venture Valley

Tackle Challenges in Brickyard
Work your way up the ranks in this industrious locale. Go for a loan to upgrade a business – or to buy a new one – and get deeper into the responsibilities of rousing new businesses like a Music Studio, Flower Shop, Game Studio, and even a Hovercraft Ride-Sharing Service! The Custom Lobby and Multiplayer matches will continue to challenge you as you make your way through this bustling metropolis.

Venture Valley

Claim Victory in The Palms
Wait until you see our futuristic, resort-like town, The Palms! You may have started walking little dogs in Mapleburgs, but you’ll be running with the big dogs now! While you’re at it, upgrade your digs from a dingy RV trailer and treat yourself to a new HQ. Suit your style with a rustic retreat, swanky Taj Mahal, or even a haunted house! Compete with the best of the game’s entrepreneurs as you rise up to the Venture Tower penthouse suite and join your mentor friends for a celebration – you’ve now made it in Venture Valley

Official website https://venturevalleygame.com/

Venture Valley
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