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Vestria Story (TW)

Preloading – Project start 25.5.2021

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of 貝斯特里亞戰記 (by N2US Soft)

When light and darkness are intertwined, where are the children of light and darkness born in the world?
In the long years, the fires of war that have been forgotten by people are about to quietly ignite.
The conflict between light and darkness is no longer part of legends and fables, you and I have been involved…

Unlimited first draw mode for your sake
Unlimited first draw at the start! Choose from multiple “Legendary” characters!
Don’t like this hero? Simple, just draw it again!


Rich and personalized heroes are waiting for you to meet
There are more than 150 charismatic heroes here, there is always a hero you like!
You can learn more about the story behind the hero and let him be your helper in saving the world.


High-quality mobile games directly operated by Korean original manufacturers in Taiwan
Directly managed by Korean game manufacturers, giving you more stable games and more generous activities!


Gorgeous skill animation that makes the blow feel full
Just a simple one-finger operation, you can use it!
Each hero has his or her own skill, with more than 750 skill combinations. Which skill would you like to order tonight?


Real-time combat mode tests your strategic brain
The real-time combat mode is used in the game to enhance the dynamic sense of combat.
Use different heroes in different scenarios, configure different skills, use strategies smoothly, and get the fruits of victory!

“Paradise 2” art team creates a visual feast
Created by the former “Paradise 2” art team, new Korean art flow RPG participated.
Use the latest “Art Texture Painting” technology to give 2D illustrations a sense of 3D dynamics, making every hero appear on the phone!

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Official website https://www.vestriastory.com/

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