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Village of Adventurer

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Village of Adventurer (by CHA DONG JIN)

Simple Manipulation Easy for Beginners.
various types of quests, such as collecting, capturing, hunting, dungeon, etc.
a striking battle using various parties and skills.
Various Battle Fields and Monsters.

Defensive battle
Let’s defend the town from the countless monsters!

Village of Adventurer

Run a store
Let’s haggle over the acquired items with the villagers and earn a high income.
Let’s develop the village by building various buildings such as farms, blacksmiths, and mines.

Village of Adventurer

Run a farm
the cultivation of crops necessary for trade and production.
breed powerful pet.
A grown pet presents a powerful skill according to each attribute.

Village of Adventurer

Trade and mining
Obtain items and goods by dealing with merchants.
Various gems can be obtained through mining.

Village of Adventurer

Game in game
Fishing – Let’s be the best angler by fishing a big fish.
Animal race – race with cute animals and win prizes.
Occupy War – City occupation war between users to take and take away.

Village of Adventurer

Make equipment and items
Cook the food needed for adventure using crops.
Create equipment with various attributes.
Make a magic drug that is useful for combat.

Village of Adventurer
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