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Virtual Truck Manager 2

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The description of Virtual Truck Manager 2

Do you have an aim to develop a truck company or want to test your logistic skills? So download this Virtual Truck Manager 2 Game as this truck tycoon game helps you to run your Transport city and become a truck tycoon.

Online trucking simulator game gives you multiple logistic skills to develop your trucking company as well as management of drivers and buying trucks.

If you are looking for the transport management app or truck & logistic simulator so the game is for you. This corporate truck game tests your skills to develop your strategy in developing a truck company.

Virtual Truck Manager 2

Virtual Truck Manager 2 is not just an airport, railroad, or seaport tycoon game. In the game, you will have a chance to get multiple experiences, manage a small to corporate truck company as well responsible for city building. You need to get involved in this hire truck game and consider carefully all the plans you make. Buy high performances truck, and hire experienced mechanics and drivers. If you aim to get all the truck logistics skills and want to become a truck tycoon and CEO of corporate, so you will definitely like this game.

Virtual Truck Manager 2

The virtual truck manager 2 game challenge you to manage your logistics and own transport company. From buying trucks and trailers, hiring the needed amount of employees, and make sure your employees take rest and enough sleep and upgrade your truckers driving license to accept better freights. Focus on the maintenance of your trucks and refuel your vehicles on time, so they can reach the destination.

Virtual Truck Manager 2

This game allows you to buy new trucks as well as used trucks. Buy the latest trucks and multiple truck models are available to pick. You can drive together as a crew and manage multiple vehicles at the same time. Hire experienced drivers and meet their needs like salaries, licenses, and the major thing rest.

Virtual Truck Manager 2

Move thousands of tons of goods and cargo and make sure they are shipped on time. You can choose from a large list of deliveries. Build your small warehouse into the main logistics hub and expand it with new cargo terminals. Buy small trucks for urban transport, delivers the goods from suppliers to the warehouse and from warehouse to local firms in your city locations.

Virtual Truck Manager 2

Build an empire your way and your success depends on your strategy and how you deliver goods on time and build cities faster. You need to concentrate on what route to set up first, which cities need supply, and the decision during buying and selling trucks and managing employees. Your strategy in this transport management app will have a major impact on the rewards you receive.

Virtual Truck Manager 2

This truck tycoon game contains multiple features and helps to create the logistics skills, business travel manager, and how to rent trucks online. If you want to play with your friends, so this truck company game will allow you to open partnerships and grow together.

Why you choose this Truck Tycoon Game?
You might play many truck management games or manager strategy games but this game contains unique features and based on a real-world supply chain and logistic system. It helps to develop your logistic skills and help to grow your own truck company.

Features of Virtual Truck Manager 2 Game:-

– Start and manage your transport and truck company
– Take care of your employees, trailers, and trucks.
– Many interesting and challenging missions
– Buy a variety of trucks depending on the delivery location.
– Upgrade your city and town to a big corporate city.
– Hire professional mechanics and truck drivers for your service.
– Load good from the warehouse and transport them to the local area and companies in your city.
– New cities and buildings are waiting to unlock.
– Complete new contracts and get rewards.

Virtual Truck Manager 2
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