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Vital Monster®: Level up your health!

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The description of Vital Monster®: Level up your health!

Collect, level up and evolve 75 varieties of fruits & vegetables.🥦

5 big bosses to defeat. Fatty Burger- Cola Dragon – Dark Sugar and Co. can’t wait to welcome you.
But first you must fight your way through Noxo Choc – Chips Monster Noxo Pop and the thieves. All unhealthy stuffs.

Offline Player vs Player fights with Wi-Fi connection in the arena! If the teacher catches you during class, you are excused! This is just about healthy nutrition!


Or you think you already know everything about fruits and vegetables?

Then answer this question:

Vital Monster®: Level up your health!

What does a Broccoli say when it sees a Cauliflower? – if there is no response within 5 seconds:

Download the game and become healthier in a playful manner!

Digital fruit and vegetable lexicon included!
Read entertaining stories and interesting facts about fruit vegetables, nuts and legumes.

Join our heroes, Aaron and Flora on an adventure to free their grandmother from the evil Noxomonsters. Unhealthy creatures from breakfast cereals, chips, palm oil, steak, gummy bears, etc.

Do push-ups and get 50 Vital Gems

Vital Monster®: Level up your health!

Learn with cool graphics, the healing powers fruits and vegetables possess.

Your achievements are measured by the app! The goal is to survive through 32 days.

Level up your health!

Vital Monster®: Level up your health!

What is one of the most important things in our lives? To be HEALTHY! Vital Monster aims to make you, your friends and even the whole family healthier in an innovative game concept!

Vital Monsters are Dragons – Ninjas – Vikings – Robots – Werewolves – and much more, developed from fruits and vegetables! For example: a muay thai celery! That only exists here!

Four evolutions, four Vital Monster Groups. Pure action and strategy!

Health-Game for daily use

Of course, all this is only available if you have received the VITAL POWER!


Vital Monster®: Level up your health!

It’s necessary to be able to develop monsters from fruits and vegetables day by day! This means that you are directly connected to the game!

Vital strength is only for people who do something DAILY for their health.

You will develop the Vital Monsters and defeat the evil Noxomonsters! And they will help you daily to do something for your HEALTH!

Back to the fun factor:

What do all monster games have in common? That they are SLOW in PvP mode! Your turn, then the opponent… then you again, etc. And the player almost falls asleep. It’s almost idle.

Until now!

Vital Monster®: Level up your health!

Vital Monster offers you the FASTEST combat mode ever! Your fingers will burn! 👀

OFFLINE PvP for people who want to fight against real players

You can connect to your opponent without internet, through Wi-Fi. And COLLECT TROPHIES! The more enemies you defeat, the higher your rank! The higher your rank, the more valuable your reward!

Defeat all your friends and YOU become the first Vital Legend!

You’ve got good reflexes? We’ll see!

Vital Monster is playable in three languages! German, English and Italian.

Vital Monster®: Level up your health!
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