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Voxel Farm Island – Dream Island

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Voxel Farm Island (by LQ-GAME)

Welcome to “Voxel Farm Island – Dream Island
“! You now have a dream island right away! You can take care of the farm, develop business, Expand transportation network and develop science with your childhood friends, so that the islanders can live a better life. There are many interesting things on the island, such as the magical giving tree, the fishery and the mine full of treasures… In your spare time, you can design the island and decorate your own house! By the way, you have a most important task – to solve the mystery on the island, can you do it?

Fascinating plot:
– MERA, CAROL, SHREK are Your childhood friends, they will build the island with you. There is also the kind island owner TEMUERA, the funny businessman SEBASTIAN, miner CHARL, reporter HANNA, doctor ARIEL, policewoman PANSY, and the big star who come with mysterious purposes… What kind of funny things will happen to them?
– The cave near the hot spring hotel run by MERA makes strange noises from time to time? Is it a prank?
– The volcano is about to erupt? Shall we run away quickly?
– What is the real purpose of the superstar Daniel?
Many interesting stories are about to happen!

Voxel Farm Island - Dream Island

Run a farm:
– Easily plant a variety of crops and experience the joy of harvest
– fruits and honey make life sweet and happy
– Cute cows, long-haired rabbits…animals can’t wait to join the farm
– the Fishery is not only the source of fish, but also the first choice for leisure

Voxel Farm Island - Dream Island

Fun Design:
– Home design: You can create your dream house. There is a lot of furniture to choose from, such as wallpaper, carpets, beds, tables and chairs, kitchenware, toys, and even experimental equipments and aerotrim space trainer!
– Island design: all kinds of bricks, railings, plants, statues, world-famous buildings. . . Use your planning talent to create a unique island.

Develop business :
– Build bakeries and restaurants with various cuisines to satisfy the taste buds of the islanders
– Set up factories for clothes and accessories to lead the fashion trend
– Build various factories to meet the needs of the islanders.
– The market is a good place to purchase. There is a mysterious merchant inside who can find any goods you want.

Voxel Farm Island - Dream Island

Expand transportation network:
– From small boats to undersea trains to big ships, the transportation network will gradually expand.
– Expansion of transportation network will be of great benefit to trade and collect precious treasures from all over the world!

Voxel Farm Island - Dream Island

Develop science technology:
– Building research institutes can improve production efficiency and increase the chance of obtaining precious resources!

– There is a magical giving tree on the island, which is also a witness of friendship
– A mine is discovered on the island. What treasures can be found inside?
– It’s time to team up to explore other islands. What secrets will you discover in those islands with different styles?
– a naughty animal is making trouble again, what can be done to appease it?
– The special visitor come here again, he may bring surprises.

Voxel Farm Island - Dream Island

Playing with friends is more fun:
– Friends can help each other and speed up the development of the island together! You can also visit your friends’ homes! The exquisite decoration of your home may become a model for friends to learn from!

Voxel Farm Island - Dream Island

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