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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Vrombr (Polyptik)

Drive a real car equipped with a camera and challenge players from around the world! In Vrombr, everything is real: the cars, the tracks, the players, making the experience unique and magical.


Choose one of the following 4 race modes:

– Chrono: Complete the number of laps in the shortest time possible
– Arena: Crash into your opponents and inflict maximum damage within the given time
– Endurance: Complete as many laps as possible within the given time
– Versus: 3, 2, 1 Go! Cross the finish line first.


Each race mode offers special capacities for the cars, such as Nitro for Crono mode, the Ram in Arena mode, or the golden lap for Endurance, and others to discover in the game.


Several tracks are available, along with various types of cars:

– Urban Track: drive a GT-type car
– Bumpark: sit behind the wheel of a TRUCKSTER and demolish your opponents
– Speedway: the ultimate speed ring with a SPEEDER as your car
– Vortex: master its numerous turns with your FORMULA V


All cars are at 1:10 scale and equipped with a camera whose feed is transmitted in real-time to your piloting screen. Other onboard sensors allow us to detect collisions and offer a unique gameplay experience.

Unleash your cars and shift into gear! Each car has its own capacities that you can upgrade:


– Top speed: improve your top speed to reduce your lap times
– Acceleration: reach your maximum speed more quickly
– Shielding: strengthen it to withstand less damage
– Nitro: the more you upgrade it, the longer the effect lasts each time you activate itv

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