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W: Cross World

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 더블유: 크로스월드 (by SPGAME)

Game Story
The continent of Gaia, which thrived a long time ago, begins to fall into dark chaos with the appearance of demons claiming to be dark.
Just before destruction arrives, Aruna, who received a hint from the Book of Revelation, seals the knowledge and wisdom of the Gaia continent’s civilization and the future civilization that the gods admired in a huge crystal, bravely drives out the demons, and falls asleep in the crystal with all her energy exhausted. do.
The world gradually regained peace and Aruna awakened again. You discover a body and power that overlaps with your modern civilization and the past. He even has the mysterious ability to summon beasts from the cracks of the other world.
She used the power of this double civilization to establish a new continent called ‘W Land’.

600 years have passed and the precarious peace begins to shake again.
Now, your story of becoming a member of W Land and protecting the double world begins.

Game introduction
A new encounter in the double world, and a story you must protect…

Fantasy worldview where past and future meet
Go one step further from the classics and explore a double civilization world with surreal elements!

더블유: 크로스월드

Unique illustrations where magic and mechanics coexist
Change your job to a mechanic and obtain double powers of ancient and modern times!

더블유: 크로스월드

A reliable partner to be summoned in [Gap of the Other World]
Summon everything from cute pets to elves to your favorite idol for cooperative battles!

더블유: 크로스월드

New challenges coming in a new era
Fierce battles with ancient bosses and the latest mechanic bosses!

더블유: 크로스월드

W Land’s unique content
Never get bored with sky stocks, hot spring bathing, fishing, and treasure hunting!

Official website

Official Community –

Available: Google Play / App Store – South Korea

더블유: 크로스월드
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