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Waifu Zone:Combat

💡 Platform – iOS

The description of Waifu Zone:Combat (by MELFORD TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED)

The tantalizing beauty games adored by gentlemen

“Waifu Zone” is an originally developed bishoujo Idle RPG game. The game is set in a background where hundreds of cute and beautiful girls travel through a temporal rift from different dimensions to fight together.

Those historical heroes you’re familiar with but can’t quite name have been reincarnated as adorable girls with varying personalities, fighting alongside you.

And you, as the player, will not only be a commander and trainer for these girls, but also their… boyfriend?

In this fragrant and imaginative game, how will you lead your girl squad to win every battle in the temporal rift battlefield? Let’s see!

Game Features

·These obedient girls will accompany you in battle, and you can have “deep” interactions with them. You will witness their growth, the stories that unfold between them, and how they grow to like you more and more! Experience your unique and joyful gaming moments in this sweet and interesting game!

·The development team consists of a group of “pure anime gentlemen.” Both the CV and CG maintain a high-quality performance. This grand performance of beautiful girls awaits your participation!

Waifu Zone:Combat

·Casual idle gameplay with easy and fun battles! You’ll have enough time to interact with the girls every day and easily win rich loot! Break through every challenge and level like a big boss!

Waifu Zone:Combat

·Simple and easy-to-learn strategic competition, but with a deep gaming experience. Not only can you witness the joy of the girls’ growth, but you can also become more and more “skilled and proficient” as a commander, growing together with the girls!

Waifu Zone:Combat

·Everyone can play! There are many gentlemen here who share the same interests! Open “Waifu Zone” and chat with gentlemen who are also raising girls, discussing how to better cultivate each other’s waifus! Very happy!

Waifu Zone:Combat

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