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Wall Defense War 2:New World

💡 Platform – iOS

The description of Wall Defense War 2:New World (by 家拓 邓)

Step into the world of magic tower defense and enjoy endless lawn slashing battles!

Wall defense War 2 is a simple and casual roguelike game. In the game, you can harvest endless enemies with ease, upgrade your skills, and defeat the surging monsters. The army is coming, are you ready to fight alongside the mage? Defeat the enemy, collect supplies, enhance the mage and equipment, and become the strongest king in this challenging world!

Game Features:

Random Skills

Facing various enemies, the game has endless skill options for you to choose from and form your own skill style.

Wall Defense War 2:New World

Lots of Characters

Lots of mages are waiting to become your assistants, each with their own special skills, and there are tons of equipment waiting for you to give to the mages to help them kill enemies easily on the battlefield.

Wall Defense War 2:New World

Endless Levels

Endless levels await you to challenge, each level with a variety of enemies, testing your incredibly smart wisdom.

Wall Defense War 2:New World

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