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The description of War for the Seas (by NetEase Games)

War for the Seas is an authentic sailing & exploration game developed by NetEase. 

The MMO is entirely in 3D and features an innovative naval combat interface. Play as a brave navigator from different regions in the age of discovery and fulfill your ambitions. Strive to conquer the seas and build a glorious empire of your own; engage in battles…

War for the Seas

A new dawn is coming, the sails have been raised, and the siren song sounds far and wide. The light of hope lies ahead of you…journey towards the horizons, and plant your flag on distant shores!

War for the Seas

1.Combat System
Features a highly realistic and original real-time combat system. Sail waters both safe and dangerous, encounter challenges across the seas, and experience all the world has to offer.

War for the Seas

2.Trading System
Focused on superior strategy and brainstorming, prices fluctuate with real-time supply and demand. Discover trade routes and become a magnate, then seize control of the production itself to solidify your dominance.

War for the Seas

3.Exploration System
Discover wonders such as the Pyramids, Stonehenge, underground mazes, and unpredictable lands with a wide variety of collectible cards. Fulfill your dreams of becoming a great navigator and charting the unknown.

4. Authentic Open-World Experience
War for the Seas brings life to an authentic sailing experience, with a variety of weather systems, changing wind directions and ocean currents, dangerous and mysterious hidden reefs, crew mutinies, and other incidents to put navigators to the test. Dock in mysterious and exotic ports from around the world, reclaim priceless treasures from the seas, and discover mirages and other wonders.

5. Build a Legend Together
The game’s rich social systems include nations, guilds, mentorships, friends, and allies. You are never truly alone in War for the Seas. Nation wars, guild wars, 3v3, and other exciting multiplayer PvP modes allow players to fight side by side or against their friends. Conquer the seas however you see fit!

Official Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/warfortheseasEN/

War for the Seas

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