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War of dragons (Kr)


💡Platform – Android

The description of War of dragons (by withHUG)

Don’t miss out on the enormous pre-booking benefits of “Dragon Wars” and be sure to participate and enjoy!

Full 3D detailed graphics presented!
Feel the impression of a high-quality 3D screen with a straight and wide field of view!
Satisfaction UP with free and smooth screen switching!


Choose from a variety of heroes!
Warrior, Archer, Mage, Gunner, you can choose from a total of 4 different classes!

The costume should be pretty~!
Not only the colorful and changeable appearance, but also the companion, the vehicle, the wings,
Rich in strengthening elements such as spirits!


Perfect RPG training system!
The training system of the old classic style and the latest various styles
Harmony with the nurturing system!

MMORPG flowers! PVP system
Endless nurturing hell stop now! Optimization only for PVP!
Remember, the reason you have to be strong is to win the competition!


Powerful worldview story!
The best view of the world with a sense of immersion that begins with an adventure for the dragon race!
Provides a stronger sense of immersion with a wide variety of maps comparable to PC games!

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