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War of Emperors

Official Launch+Apk

War of Emperors is a turn-based strategy game which takes place in the history of ancient China.

In this world, you become a lord of the Three Kingdoms era. Build an army, dominate the countries and create your own reign.

Game Features
War of Emperors gives you an enjoyable yet advanced turn-based tactical mechanic. All actions can be deployed easily with simple touches. Dive into the grand battles of Three Kingdoms and create the history as you wish. The heroes’ skills will bring you a realistic, fancy and spectacular sense with full of interactions. Combining other elements such as dodging and counter-attacking, the game requires even more refined skills.

War of Emperors

Countless Battles
– Ascend to the top of the arena
– Clash against cross-server players
– Real-time PvP battles

Build Your Legion
– Join the Legion Battle and take down your opponents
– Enjoy the Fest with your mates
– Make your Legion the greatest of all

War of Emperors

Recruit And Conquer
– 100+ heroes from history and myth
– Gather your force and command: Guan Yu, Lu Bu, Cao Cao
– Tame and raise the famous Mounts and legendary Beasts
– Settle the conflict between three kingdoms: Wei, Shu, Wu.

War of Emperors

Strategy Rules
– Combine the skills of various heroes for the best power
– Be strategic: Same hero, different position, different result
– Turn the tide of battles by planning and timing

War of Emperors

Diversity updates
– A reanimated 3D map of the original Three Kingdoms age
– Many upgrades from Three Kingdoms generation

War of Emperors – More power you wield, more enemies yield!

War of Emperors

Status: Official Launch+Apk
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