War of Skylands: Last Fort

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of War of Skylands: Last Fort (by Nuts Game Studio)

This is a world where science and magic coexist. While the invention of steam engine has brought human civilization into a new era, a failed magic experiment has opened the Pandora’s box. Cities are overrun by swarms of dark creatures from the underworld. It’s only a matter of time for the dark creatures to completely occupy this planet’s surface.

Fortunately, the latest advancements on both science and magic allow humans to build engines powerful enough to levitate an entire city. The survivors are now rebuilding the civilization of mankind in the sky.

 A bizarre steampunk world
– Run an aerial city that is maintained by both scientific and magical powers.
– Giant machines fueled by coal, robotic arms driven by spells, soldiers in power armors…

War of Skylands: Last Fort

 Construct an aerial fortress
– Go through the hardships of creating and maintaining a city in the sky whilst expanding your military force.
– You might need to make adjustments on your city’s layout according to different situations. After all, it’s not only a city but also a military fortress.

War of Skylands: Last Fort

 Build the strongest air force
– Train various units and explore the compositions for different missions.
– Assign heroes and their companions to your army to gain buffs.

War of Skylands: Last Fort

 Science, Regality, Magic
– Join one of the three factions
– Compete with other survivors for territories and resources.

 Reclaim the surface from dark creatures
– Slowly take out their dens on every continent.
– Gather your allies to bring down the mastermind.

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War of Skylands: Last Fort

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