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War of Skylands: Steam Age

Early access – CBT2 + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of War of Skylands: Last Fort (by Nuts Game Studio)

The dark force is slaughtering our people. It’s the end of civilization as we know it. This is the future you’ve foreseen.
No! Our people must be warned!

The dark force is approaching! How do we save humanity?
Activate the engine! Take the city up to the sky!

A Unknown Steampunk World

  • A universe where magic and science coexist.
  • Engines rumbling, mechanical arms hanging in the air, soldiers equipped with robotic limbs… of a steampunk world.
War of Skylands: Steam Age

Build your own island in the sky

  • Place Steelworks, Barracks and Research Labs.
  • As situations changes, change your city layout accordingly! Turn the island into a fortress in the sky!
War of Skylands: Steam Age

Take down the dark lord

  • Gather the human forces to defeat demons lurking on the ground and gather resources!
  • Recruit famous historical or fictional figures to lead your mighty army. Hatch companions to gain various buffs.

Unite the three factions

  • Science, Regal, and Magic. Join a faction to fight the demons!
  • One character, three classes. Switch between Tank/DPS/Support freely to step into adventures with your buddies.
War of Skylands: Steam Age

Build a powerful force

  • Utilize your Infantry, Cavalry, and Siege units to win the battles!
  • Recruit heroes and squires. Let them lead your force to victory!

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Available: Google Play – US, PH, ID, etc…

War of Skylands: Steam Age

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