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💡 Platform – Android | iOS | Steam

The description of Warbits+ (by Risky Lab)

Introducing the patented Warbits+ technology by Risky Lab. Boot up a simulated battlefield and wage a more civilized war against your enemies. Don’t agree with your fellow factions? You don’t have to! Put those blasters down, load up Warbits, and virtually crush the opposition!



Turn-based Strategy – Featuring grid-based movement, using an army of uniquely equipped units, special powers, and structures to fund your battles.
Campaign – Battle through 20 missions across 5 unique environments as you unravel the story of a dysfunctional galaxy and the war simulator designed to save it.
Challenge Mode – For the more experienced player to test their mettle. 12 challenging skirmish missions and 12 mind-bending puzzle missions.
Map Editor – Build, share and play custom maps with the community.
Local and Online – Stay off the grid against AI and local play, or bring the fight to the internet’s front door.
Tag Match Hubs – Automatically pair with players who enjoy the same game modes as you and compete for glory on the monthly scoreboards.

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