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Warring states:The heroes

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💡Platform – Android | IOS

The description of Warring states:The heroes (by HuJian)

This is an intellective battle game. It may look simple, but you will find it meaningful when you play it.

This game was created based on the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods 2000 years ago. It’s an era when the culture and military flourished in the history of China and even of the world. There were many world-class cultural celebrities who were active during that era, such as Lao Tseu, Confucius, Qu Yuan, and Sun Wu, the writer of The Art of War.

Warring states:The heroes

Well, it’s not important. All you need to know is that this game is very interesting. After you play it for a long time, you will feel more about its unique charm!

Warring states:The heroes

>Six years: We have been working on this game for six years, in which three years were spent for design and development, and the other three years were spent for balance and details.
>Uniqueness: Although our studio is small, we have tried our best to make this game different from the rest. It is featured with the unique creativity and playability.
>References: WARRING STATES: The Heroes was firstly conceived in 2012 under the enlightenment of CLASH OF HEROES, HearthStone, Plants vs. Zombies, etc. We adopted a variety of design concepts from these games and finally completed our overall design. Here, I’d like to pay tribute to these great games.
>Adventurous attempt: We have been working on this game for so long that it’s destined to be an adventurous attempt. I hope you can feel it with your heart. I believe that a lot of people will like it.

Warring states:The heroes

Key Features
>This game is suitable for people aged 6-60 who like to use their heads, as well as the female players who don’t care about the ugly characters.
>You will have a wonderful competitive experience due to its optimal balance and rivalrousness.
>There are 70 distinctive heroes, 14 soldier types with different features, and 39 treasures with various functions.
>The pre-battle configuration can be built easily, and the battle experience is abundant and funny.
>The configuration shall be built with 30% strength, 30% luck, and 40% skill.
>Different soldier types can restrain each other with their particular features, which is different from the general restraint by means of numbers.
>This is a global game. You can battle with foreigners, families, or friends.

Warring states:The heroes
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