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WarSiege – Battle for Bellorth

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of WarSiege (by FirePath Games)

Defend and build your stronghold situated in medieval fantasy where you command units or an entire army.
Collect resources and evolve your economy in real time.
Currently available in portrait only.

– Medieval castles and orc strongholds
– Melee sword and archers available to defent your castle
– Cavalry, catapults, priests, sorcerers, heroes ( coming soon )
– Easy made micromanagement
– Currently only 2 missions available ( planned 8, and diferent game modes )
– Can be played offline

Unit Descriptions
– Workers – can build, extract resources, chop trees, they can’t fight
– Footmans – are good in the frontline and also effective against archers
– Archers – highly effective in battles if they are left behind to support other type of units
Both Footmans and Archers can patrol 2 certain points on the map

More details regarding resources will be available once they are introduced in the game

WarSiege - Battle for Bellorth

Building Descriptions
– Townhall – used to produce workers and upgrade certain stats for workers
– Farm – used to increase your population count
– Barracks – used to train footman and archers
– Lumbermill – used to deliver tree resources to it and also upgrade unit stats
All buildings can be repaired.
More buildings will be introduced once the game develop further

WarSiege - Battle for Bellorth

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