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Warsmiths (EN no full)

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Warsmiths (by INSENSE ARTS, LLC)

The Warsmiths is a RPG Survival under the pressure of uncontrolled planetary terraforming. Buld & craft, fight & destroy in the ranks of the space army, attacking the exoplanet. Expand your territory, give shelter to survivors, protect them by creating a line of defense. Each saved survivor – is one less convert in the enemy camp.

Each warsmith decide for himself what role he will play in the global conflict with the apostates. The goals set by the Command can be accomplished in a variety of ways. But beware – only the consequences of your choice, nor enemies, nor a predatory planet, can overpower your invulnerability.

CHOICE MATTERS – If your actions match the personality of the selected character, your hero will achive his maximum potential.

Man in power – you are the last chance of lone survivors – be prepared for abuse of your trust
Infinite warrior – the cycle of defeat and rebirth in a new clone tests your endurance during tower defense and infinite hordes of enemies
Interactive story – making friends and foes from wanderers during your journey, you find out the truth

Warsmiths: army survival saga on a rebel planet (Early Access)

DIVERSE GAMEPLAY – the advancement of the army primarily depends on your ability to survive and develop the territory unsuitable for the deployment of regular troops

Warsmiths: army survival saga on a rebel planet (Early Access)

Generated terrain – Renegades use out-of-control terraforming as a way to avoid direct clashes with the Liberating forces
Puzzle environment – the entire surface of the planet can be destroyed and recycled into resources
Crafting and building – creating your own wargear and erecting defenses from scrap materials

ARMY SURVIVAL – only together, coordinating actions, warsmiths can capture one sector of the planet after another

Warsmiths: army survival saga on a rebel planet (Early Access)

Duels and intrigues – Warsmiths of different races are members of a single army, so all internal conflicts are not officially approved by the command
Joint activity – the correct choice of your role and status in the common cause is the guarantee of the Army’s progression
An itch for gain – The powers of each role can be used for personal or public interest during expeditions

Official website http://warsmiths.com

Warsmiths: army survival saga on a rebel planet (Early Access)
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