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Welcome To the Factory(WTF)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Welcome To the Factory (by SUGMA)

Rhythm-action running game based on the anime Welcome to the Factory
“Fired up and ready to serve-“
Take a journey with Litz the Android Girl upon the hard rock music adventure!
A sweet android angel, a fancy witch, and a righteous werewolf! Who could be Litz’s real enemy?
Discover the story of Litz’s as you run through the rhythm action world!

■ Run, punch, throw!
Defeat enemies with the most powerful punches!
Jump consecutively through obstacles and cliffs!
Pull and grab distant bombs and switches to open doors!
Throw massive bombs to break down walls and defeat enemies!

Welcome To the Factory(WTF)

■ Exciting and mysterious story!
Who is the real enemy?
Run with Litz in the midst of chaos
and reveal her most shocking truths.

Welcome To the Factory(WTF)

■ Run rhythmically to some intense rock music
With different music for every stage
The more rhythmic you are, the higher the score with prizes!
Challenge yourself to achieve the highest scores!

Welcome To the Factory(WTF)

■ Various type of enemies and obstacles
Diverse creatures blocking Litz’s way!
Face the unique creatures and the most powerful bosses!

Welcome To the Factory(WTF)

■ Well structured leveling system
Don’t be discouraged by the difficulty!
As you reach mastery from repetition,
Litz will also become stronger and stronger.

Welcome To the Factory(WTF)
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