West Revenge: The Ultimate Conquest

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of West Revenge: The Ultimate Conquest (by MINE RVA GAMES HK LIMITED)

The Ultra Wild West Conquering Simulation RPG.
In West Revenge, everything wild will be under your control.
Become the west hero, form an army with partners and embark on the road of revenge.
The exciting adventure of the Wild West will never end.

Wild West Adventure
Revenge, gunfight, duel, trade, build army, conquer, love, hunt… Do everything you want in the frontier.
Lead all cowboys and frontiersmen to fight against warlords.
Win every duel with the outlaws. Be the legendary hero. Conquer the wild frontier!

West Revenge: The Ultimate Conquest

Build Your Town
Start your business conquest by building a town!
Mine, Saloon, Gun Shop, Gambling Hall…Run various shops with cowboys!
Earnings never end! Expand your business territory in the wild west.

West Revenge: The Ultimate Conquest

Recruit Heroes
Gunslingers, explorers, militaries, settlers, and merchants…All the heroes will help you conquer the west and become a frontier legend.
Countless western celebrities will be under your command. It’s not a joke!
Strengthen your army. Build a legendary empire and win your glory!

West Revenge: The Ultimate Conquest

Encounter your love
It’s wonderful to have a romantic encounter during your adventure!
Enjoy the ultra experience with the seductive and alluring beauties.
Parenting your children together. Your heirs will be the key to your conquest of the west land.

Official website https://global.minerva-games.com/revenge/#/

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/WestRevenge

West Revenge: The Ultimate Conquest

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