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Wheel of Fortune (Cn)

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Wheel of Fortune (命運之輪) by ALICE GAME)

Wheel of Fortune is a classic Q cute Japanese and Korean JRPG-MMO mobile game, cute and cute characters, full-screen special effects and powerful mecha system, BOSS illustration system that can be captured freely by cute pets, multiple careers Underground city. Join hands with former comrades in arms, relive the nostalgic dreams!

====Game background====
As far away as the land of Sandra in the Age of Domination, under the blessing of the goddess of wind and the rule of the three priests, Atlantis has become the most prosperous kingdom on the continent, attracting an endless stream of trade ships and thoughts. Of adventurers came one after another.


In the 118th year of Sandra Era, Thrall, the priest in charge of the dark elements, suddenly launched a rebellion with the intention of plundering the bishop’s treasure-the wheel of fortune. In that epic war, the goddess of wind exhausted her power and defeated Thrall, but she also fell. Without the protection of the power of the goddess, the kingdom finally sank in the sea of ​​time.

Thousands of years later, the adventurer alliance formed by the last generation of the kingdom is determined to go to the depths of the sea of ​​time to find the remains of Atlantis. Adventurer, do you have the courage to join us, restart the wheel of fortune, and return to the glory of the past?


====Game Features====
[Relive old dreams, gather comrades! 】
Rich original plots, travel around the world to defeat evil beasts, collect anecdotes and secrets on the adventure, and fight with companions with different personalities and unique abilities. The original Japanese RPG masterpiece. Summon the former comrades in the game, join hands to start a journey of destiny!

[Free capture of cute pet mounts, full collection of BOSS illustrations]
After teaming up to kill the boss, freely capture your exclusive mounts and cute pets! Exclusive BOSS illustration collection system, each BOSS has an exclusive effect reward! Invade the Destiny Continent, see all the masters of collection of illustrations!


【Characteristic mech system, destroy the world in one blow! 】
Holy King Palace: Freedom, Justice, Assault, Glory, Humility; Underworld Death, Fury Sea God, Dragon God Oath… The representative of the ultimate combat power, enter the mecha of Attack! Exclusive battleship, weapon collection, fuselage modification and upgrade, build your exclusive mech, and relive your childhood Gundam dream!


[Multi-professional free transfer, exclusive talent plus points]
Melee high defense swordsman, magic crisp skin mage, healing priest, long-range high wound archer, four major professions seamlessly advance and freely transfer. Upgrade to unlock new skills, add points to the talent tree system freely, and create your strongest career!


[Team through the dungeon, meet each other, know each other, and get together]
Simple operation, easy to get started! The comrades-in-arms gathered in this explosion! The social interaction system is complete, find your confidant in the game, or meet your object and get married! Connect with fetters and start an adventure together!


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