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Official Launch+Apk

“Life will always continue, until you give up, because of your own weakness!”

– In general: Play as a young adventurer, get in trouble and get contracted with the ultimate fire. Begin your journey to find answers to the mysteries around the world.


– Open world system with a variety of environments. Many types of enemies and bosses. Fight and find the answers to the buried secrets.

– A diverse and interesting combat & magic system.


– You can upgrade power, craft equipment in many different directions depending on how you play.

– There is a place to live, build a house, grow crops and get married.


– The difficulty of the game is quite high and challenges your ability. There is no pay to win and you will have to master your control skills to be able to overcome it.

– The end of the game will depend on you. Choose what you want.

– There are many graphic settings to be compatible with many different devices.

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