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The description of Who is God

This is a fantasy world. Legend has it that the True Gods have long since fallen. Various races have multiplied and interpret history in disputes. Many legends have been passed down through the mouths of bards. The titles of legends are waiting for the succession of disciples of all races.

After countless turbulences, the seven races have entered into a contract of peaceful symbiosis, and the world has become stable and beautiful with the joint efforts of all sects, but secretly, there are still many conspiracies lurking.

As a candidate for the True God, we need you to build a great sect and contribute to the stability and beauty of this world.
When the oracle of True God comes, is it a miracle or a conspiracy? Please follow the clues and investigate the truth!

Who is God

Game Features
Seven Races and Six Classes
Human: Human is the most tenacious, adaptable and inclusive race in the world.
Elyos: They have blood flowing from ancient gods in their bodies, born strong, very talented, but also very arrogant.
Devil: They are cunning and full of patience, advocating force and good at tricks.
Elf: They are peculiar races with extraordinary temperaments, united and exclusive, admiring goodness and hating ugliness.
Undead: They often walk under the dark night, corroded by darkness every moment, but still insisting on their pride.
Orc: Orcs are incomplete guinea pigs, but they are also the perfect race to blend strength and flesh.
Element: They carry the power of elements and can provide a source of power for any race.

Who is God

Sword Master: They are travellers walking in the sun, with excellent fighting talents and rich fighting experience.
Creatures Summoner: No one dares to despise a summoner, because no one knows how many opponents there will be if they fight it.
Artifact Envoy: They are good at making and using various equipment, and the heavily armed artifact envoy is extremely scary.
Alchemist: Alchemist represents the profound knowledge, the creation of miracles, the unknown mysteries.

Who is God

Domain Master: They have the spiritual power beyond imagination, and within their realms, they are invincible.
Rune Keeper: Rune Keeper represents powerful, they can create earth-shattering disasters, and they can kill enemies silently.

Who is God

As the master of a sect, you can select disciples in seven races and six classes. Many matching schemes are waiting for you to develop. The happiness at your fingertips is simple but not monotonous.

Leisure AFK and Place Scenery
From Between Rosy Clouds to Snow Relics, from Space of Floating Dreams to Forbidden Corridor, this world is full of all kinds of strange scenery, we can enjoy while fighting, without knowing it, the battle is over.
What if I can’t beat it? AFK!
As long as AFK, you can reap experience, money, and equipment; as long as AFK, you can train your disciples to become strong; as long as AFK, you can make your sect great. How easy? True God is about to cry!

Changing Mysteries, Challenging Limits
We are all masters of the great sect! Unconvinced? Come Arena to challenge!
Peace lovers? It’s okay. There are also peaceful adventures here, such as the Four Spirits Palace and the Valley of Sword, Enough for you to sweat it out.
Challenging the limits? It’s okay. Come to the Tower of Babel, I’ll lose if you can through it to the sky!

Holy Alliance Is Assembling and Wars Is About To Begin
Like-minded sects can form a holy alliance to share resources, and advance or retreat together. You no longer need to carry your sect forward alone, you still have the support of many friendly sects. At the same time, the confrontation between Alliances is very difficult and requires everyone to work together!

Who is God

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