Wild Born (Kr)


Early Access(CBT)+Apk

The description of Wild Born

Authentic Hunting Action [Wildbone]
The more you experience, the more you use your hand, the stronger you know the enemy!

Experience the first wild world on mobile!

CBT in progress!! 6/11~6/15

Survive in the wild
 -Hunting action RPG adventure set against the 50+ century Earth
 -Wild riders pinch their breath every moment.
 -Be sure to read the guidelines for survival

Wild Born (Kr)

Survival Guidelines First-Combat Theory
 -Now it’s not a battle you see, it’s a battle you do! Experience real action where control produces results
 -Let’s construct a strategy by grasping the unique characteristics and patterns of dozens of species.
 -Use various weapons to lead the battle. Even the same weapon can be used in completely different ways for different users!
 -There is no limit to your own action made with the skill style system

Wild Born (Kr)

Survival Guideline 2-Wire Action
 -Take advantage of other equipment and wires provided to wild hunters
 -Emergency move, evasion, quick approach towards the horseman, or drag the horseman! Any action you can do with the wire is possible
 -Practice is essential for perfect wire action! Let’s get used to the spectacle speed that is hard to follow with your eyes!

Wild Born (Kr)

Survival Guideline 3-Worker Hortul
 -Hunter is not alone. Let’s join the cute worker Hortul
 -Hortul is a battle companion, an all-round worker who crafts/strengthens weapons and collects nearby resources.
 -Dozens of species with Hortul, let’s do something suitable for your specialty. Whatever you order, Hortul will be happy to follow.

Wild Born (Kr)

Survival Guideline Four-Caravan
 -After a fierce battle, you must rest
 -Prepare for the next battle with the caravan’s forge, pension, and restaurant, always with the hunter.

To the era of pioneering, the opening of the opening!

Wild Born (Kr)

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