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Wild Guns: Reloaded

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The description of Wild Guns: Reloaded

Enter the dangerous Wild West World, the world full of notorious crimes that cause people to suffer. Wild West World desperately needs a hero to fightback the Notorious Crime and save them from the endless abyss!

Wild Guns: Reloaded

Are you the chosen one? Do you have enough guts to go on Epic Casual Game Adventures? Beat the Notorious Crime and fight against Abyss Creatures to end people’s suffering, it’s time to play the most exciting Free Game with an endless possibility of Adventures!

Wild Guns: Reloaded

Game Features

Epic Adventure in the Wild West
One of a kind casual shooting game that adapts Wild West World as background themes! Smooth graphics, easy gameplay, and epic adventures are waiting for you! Let’s Join Now…

Upgrade Your Epic Weapon
To Beat Notorious Crime you must be prepared, Upgrade your Epic Weapon to increase your power in the Battlefield! Shoot all enemies in front of you and clear hundreds of Battle Stages!

Unleash The Ultimate Skill
Hundreds of Skills can be combined into invincible power that will help you clear hundreds of Stages, Choose the right combination for the right stage, A strategy that wins the Battle!

Hunt Down The Notorious Crime BOSS
As the Chosen One, you must Hunt Down the Notorious Crime BOSS! Get tons of rewards and rare item to Upgrade Hero Power, it’s time for you to be the Strongest Hero of All Time and save the Wild West World”

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