Wind Fantasy SP Mobile (TW)


💡Platform – Android | Ios (TW)

Expected to launch on July 13, 2021

The description of 風色幻想SP手機版 (by FUN YOURS)

[The Devil Cat Leads the Rewriting the Epic of Style]
As the producer of the father of the wind [Devil Cat], the game highly restores the original plot, reproduces the legendary deeds and popular characters of the thirteenth unit against the Crescent Empire that year, reproduces the battle of the demon god Garman, the defense battle of Lewon Bridge, and the unicorn Destroy the gate of heaven and wait for the classic battle plot.


[History is out of chapter, unknown historical stories]
Stories that were never told back then will be unfolded in a new chapter of history. The agreement between the wolf of wind and flame Li Ying and Yawen Shelter, the past of the Demon Temple, etc., and many new characters who have never appeared before will be added. , Including the fetters of friends and foes between the Resistance Army and the Crescent Empire.


[Japanese star seiyuu dubbing new plot CG]
The newly created classic plot CG and combined with the lineup of first-line voice actors will perform together, so that the memorable plot of the year will be presented with a new look. There will be a lineup of multi-star voice actors such as Oni Tou Akari, Eguchi Takuya, Ohara Yoshimi, Ueda Rena… Perform classic plots.


[Inherit the classic gameplay and unique tactical instructions]
The original flavor continues the RAP real action points system. The combat strategy will depend on how to make good use of RAP points, and add terrain suppression and new tactical instructions to accumulate RAP points to display unique and reversible tactical skills.


[Warcraft capture and train your own monster team]
The Warcraft system will inherit the stand-alone characteristics and can cultivate diverse warcrafts. In addition to the familiar colloidal monster family, a variety of new warcrafts have been added. The fusion of warcrafts still exists, and through the fusion, they create their own unique warcrafts.


[Unique badge system]
A variety of badges will not limit the role of characters to their own professions. Through the distinctive badges and additional special skills, skills can be deployed in different situations, creating a personal style of combat gameplay.

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