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Wings of Destiny M (Cn)

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Wings of Destiny M (by CHUXIN)

As a recruit of the human kingdom, the player and the advance team members took the airship to the western rainforest. In the middle of the journey, the airship fell because of the attack of the stone demon. The player was looking for gems in the rain forest and also fought back the attack of the blood race. .

Wings of Destiny M

After winning the first victory, I went to the border town of Lighthouse Town. The aliens have been eyeing this border town. The player and the guards of Lighthouse Town solved the crisis of the werewolf attack together, and then accidentally learned that there seemed to be people in Lighthouse Town. Interracial collusion, which made the entire Beacon Town also be shrouded in many doubts.

Wings of Destiny M

During the investigation of Lighthouse Town, the player found that the priest Markham in the church was very suspicious. It turned out that Father Markham and the foreign race reached a dirty deal to remove the lighthouse. The defense information of the town was revealed, and when the player executed the mutant priest, he received a new order from the kingdom.

Wings of Destiny M

There was a big earthquake in the ice field not long ago. There was mysterious energy gushing from the ground and many powerful creatures appeared. In order to eliminate hidden dangers and further strengthen the line of defense, players resolutely joined the action to defend the ice sheet. In the ice field, the player encountered the mentor Ulier, who believed that the player is a man of destiny.

Wings of Destiny M

With the help of the mentor, the player also gained new power and learned that the world will face an unprecedented great change. The player must continue Only by becoming stronger can you stop the awakening of the Nightmare King and save the world.

Wings of Destiny M
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