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Witch Market – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Witch Market: Adventure RPG (by ThumbAge Co., Ltd.)

Beginning of a fairytale-like journey, Witch Market!
Run a witch’s vending machine on the fantastical Greed Island!

Cute and cozy RPG
An adventure with cute companions on a mysterious island!
Become the main character of a fairy tale with 11 companions!

Varied Customization Options
Give your companions plenty of wardrobe options!
Companions that grow stronger with their costumes!

Witch Market: Adventure RPG

High Difficulty Stages
Compose your team based on the stage difficulty!
Hunt monsters easily using skills!

Witch Market: Adventure RPG

Automatic Income System
Create items with alchemy and sell them through the vending machine!
Automatically gain gold over time to get rich quick!

Witch Market: Adventure RPG

Battle Against Magic Imbued Monsters
Defeat monsters and bosses to acquire special ingredients!
Defeat monsters attacking your campsite and purify the forest!

How about a relaxing game of RPG while you take a break?

Witch Market: Adventure RPG

Game Features
∙ Collect all the characters as a F2P!
∙ Figure out enemy patterns to get through the stages!
∙ Make varied team compositions using different character skills!
∙ Make an automatic income through the Magic Vending Machine!
∙ Pay attention to what Chloe, the capitalist, says!

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Witch Market: Adventure RPG

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