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Wizarding Mystery

Soft Launch

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Wizarding Mystery(by WizGame)

The Dark Lord is coming and the Wizarding Academy is in peril! As the protagonist, what are you still waiting for? Gather your friends and unite wizards and witches! Let’s enlighten the wizarding world and defeat the dark forces!

– Epic Quality Hero Card
In the word of Wizarding Mystery, there are beautiful villages, magnificent houses and exquisite characters. Every card is unique with lovely details customized for each house and character.

Wizarding Mystery

– Go idle and Relax
Work and study is exhausting you? So you play games just for fun and relaxation? Then “Wizarding Mystery” is definitely your choice. Heroic skills can be automatically released throughout the battle, allowing you to gain rewards by idle battles. Ten minutes a day, you can experience an epic journey of magic.

Wizarding Mystery

– Grab treasures in the maze anytime
Maze system with rogue-like elements, Phantom Castle dungeons with abundant rewards are waiting ahead! Play anytime anywhere and never need to complete tasks by grinding, idle games shall be played with ease!

Wizarding Mystery

– Challenge the Global Peak Arena
You can build alliances with friends from around the world to challenge Guild Bosses. With an all-new peak arena, all players can assemble hero team for warrior medal in a fair manner.

Wizarding Mystery

-Simple yet Sophisticated Strategy
The seemingly simple six-hero team can form countless strategies! Different hero bonds, mutually exclusive alliances, team formation, skill combinations…With a gentle swing of the magic wand, you can get victory and turn back the powers of darkness!

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Wizarding Mystery
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