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Wonderland Online Mobile(Th)

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Wonderland Online Mobile. Travel the way you dream.

Adventures in a fairytale world and a magical story. A classic turn-based MMORPG that returns again as a mobile game.

Wonderland Online Mobile

In an endless world full of stories Choose your protagonist and lead the way to a fun, exciting journey with a playmate and a strange pet. Collect and create thousands of furniture to decorate your house and invite your friends to party. Be part of the most colorful online community in Wonderland.

Wonderland Online Mobile

Classic MMORPG that anyone can play
With familiar gameplay and easy learning, the Turn-Based system will allow you to control the battle even when playing on a Smart Phone, including quests and automatic battle assist systems that will keep you entertained. Go with the story of the game smoothly and without interruption!

Wonderland Online Mobile

Surfing the world of fantasy in multiple dimensions
Connects hundreds of classic novels from the world And persuade those characters that you are familiar with to go on an adventure with you! From Alice from Wonderland to Athena Warrior is waiting for you!

Adventure with a partner and an animal ride
Your character and your partner have special skills. Even pets can be your strength. Gather and train them skillfully and then storm through the mysterious cave. Or the Devil’s Sea with many treasures waiting to be searched!

Wonderland Online Mobile

Can create both items and furniture
Sandbox item production systems start at wood and stone to create stars! Power … You can build weapons, armor, and appliances, including furniture and facilities for your home. Collect raw materials from various places. Or exchange with friends to create everything you want!

Turn your dream house into reality
From a shabby cabin, it can become a luxurious home! Unleash the imagination of the decorator and invite friends to admire

💡 Google Play- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playpark.wom

💡 Apk – https://apkcombo.com/wonderland-online-mobile/com.playpark.wom/

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