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💡 Platform – Android

The description of 不思議國度 (by BLANCOZONE NETWORK CO., LIMITED)

This summer, don’t miss this brand new super healing Japanese adventure MMO mobile game!
This is a dream country full of love and courage~
Walk side by side with cute friends, and have an adventure with cute giant pets!
Right now, start your incredible journey!

Cute partner to form an adventure team
Super cute buddy! Sister Yu’s cute little milk dog, a team of six holding hands!
No waste cards for all members! All cards can be upgraded to stars, and the strategy collocation will show the circle!


Fantasy Floating Island Explore the Open World
Miyazaki’s style of painting, open the big map, let’s run! Enjoy childhood adventure fun!
The world is unpredictable, mobs are everywhere, beat him! ΨΨ(`◇´) Collect scattered powerful soul cards!


Exciting battle to KO the little monsters in one second
You can advance, attack, retreat, and cute. Bring your lovely exclusive mount and join the battle together~
3D full-view free operation, show infinite possible combos, and experience a hearty feeling of attack!


Variety fashion, socialize with your heart
Navy hats, lolita, evening dresses, you can wear the ever-changing fashion ヾ(✿゚▽゚)ノ, and show the world your unique you!
Fishing, farming, visiting friends, and enjoying the carefree and longing life together~
Marrying, mentoring, falling in love, getting married, who do you expect to have an interesting and romantic story with?

Available: Google Play – US, TW, HK, etc…

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