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Wooparoo Odyssey-Build & Breed

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Wooparoo Odyssey-Build & Breed (by NHN Corp.)

Wooparoo Odyssey: An Exhilarating Fusion of Breeding and Building!

Embark on a magical journey into the world full of enchanting creatures known as Wooparoos, eagerly awaiting your discovery and nurturing in your very own, personalized village. Mix and match to summon the wildest Wooparoo wonders with Wooparoo Odyssey!

Wooparoo Odyssey-Build & Breed

Breeding & Diverse Wooparoos
Step into the shoes of a mystical tamer and set off on an exciting journey of discovery as you breed and collect a wide variety of adorable Wooparoos.
Collect and grow over 500 different Wooparoos, with new ones introduced every week!
Breed various types of Wooparoos with each other to create cool new ones.
With an extensive range of types and traits to explore, each Wooparoo is a unique being waiting to be summoned and nurtured!

Wooparoo Odyssey-Build & Breed

Village Decoration
Express your unique style and creativity by decorating and designing your village!
Build your Woopacross, Habitats and Farms right away!
Show off your decorating skills as you create the perfect home for your beloved Wooparoos
Watch Wooparoos hanging out in their habitats. With a vast array of decorations at your disposal, the only limitation is your imagination!

Wooparoo Odyssey-Build & Breed
Wooparoo Odyssey-Build & Breed

Joining the Battle ahead
Prepare your Wooparoos for the battles ahead by leveling them up, and strive for an opportunity to ascend to the legendary leagues.
Test your strategic skills in thrilling battles as you lead your team of formidable Wooparoos into epic clashes against challenging opponents.
With a variety of Expedition stages and PvP Arenas, the thrill of victory awaits those brave enough to master the art of Wooparoo combat.
Rally your friends and build an epic Guild to compete against enemies!

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Wooparoo Odyssey-Build & Breed

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