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World Fishing Championship – NFT

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of World Fishing Championship (by WEMIX PTE. LTD.)

📜 Developer Note:

World Fishing Championship Opens on 2023/05/25!
The anglers are waiting for you! Pre-register now and receive amazing rewards!

Let’s travel around the world and feel the joy of fishing!
Real 3D RPG Growth Fishing Game, ‘World Fishing Championship’!

1. The dreams of all anglers, fishing grounds spread around the world
-The stage that seems to have moved the world’s famous fishing grounds!
-Start from Florida to the Yangtze River and Amazon to deep sea!

-Please go fishing with ‘World Fishing Championship’ right now!

World Fishing Championship - NFT

2. Overwhelming immersion, real 3D fishing
-You over 500 species that have been moved from the sea!
-The graphics full of realism as if they were in hand!
-It’s the best real AI and interacts like a real fish!
-Check out the fierce smuggling with the fish in the water with a smart underwater camera!

World Fishing Championship - NFT

3. Gorgeous action showed by attractive angles
-Fishing with 36 anglers!
-The strategic play using unique skills by Angler!
-Please experience the sense of hitting and hand with Anglers!

4. Equipment is standard for any sports
-The fantastic equipment that every anglers dream of!
-The fishing rods and boats show 100%of the real and synchro rate!
-Rece yourself with fishing rods and boats and catch legendary language!

World Fishing Championship - NFT

5. Battle mode
Stop thinking that fishing is a sports -free sport!
-Battle mode with anglers around the world!
-The world of winner reading!
-Let’s stick to fishing right now!

6. My own aquarium unfolds vividly
-Nouss that can only be seen on TV and only on aquariums!
-3D aquarium that seems to enter the aquarium directly!
-AR technology that allows you to watch fish swimming vividly in front of your eyes!
-Please decorate your own aquarium!

World Fishing Championship - NFT

7. Dreams of all anglers
-In the moment you catch the fish, the jackpot bursts!
-Please catch the fish faster than anyone in a fixed time!
-World phishing tour will show you the essence of Play & Earn!


World Fishing Championship - NFT
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