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World of Guardians (Kr)

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The description of World of Guardians

Unpredictable PVP arena
A huge battlefield to hide the true power
Duel stronger opponents and prove your overwhelming strength

월드 오브 가디언즈 - 공성 전쟁신의 귀환

Boss raid unfolding in the abyss
Breathtaking battles with each attribute boss guarding the abyss gate
Defeat the boss and get the best equipment and items

월드 오브 가디언즈 - 공성 전쟁신의 귀환

Protect this world from the World Boss!
A total of the strongest Guardians! A big clash with the strongest boss
Intense action and thrilling blow feeling without a break

월드 오브 가디언즈 - 공성 전쟁신의 귀환

Large-scale war with guild members
Together, you get stronger! Find the strongest guild
Protest and occupy territory for the guild’s wealth and honor

월드 오브 가디언즈 - 공성 전쟁신의 귀환

Fierce siege to determine the owner of the vast territory
Massive siege warfare with the strongest Guardian unit
Gather your strategy and strength to expand your territory filled with endless resources.

Unprecedented benefits for novice guardians
A-class “Hercules” when connected,
When you log in for 2 days, we provide free S-class “Thunder God Thor”!
Get the support of the strongest Guardian and join the war of the gods right now!

월드 오브 가디언즈 - 공성 전쟁신의 귀환

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