World of the Abyss

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The description of World of the Abyss (by Mad Molly Co.)

Immerse yourself in an exciting world of battles, dangerous monsters, bosses, and real players from around the World. You can fight alone, or team up with your friends and display your superiority in tactics and strategy. There are many classes, skills, equipment and a high-quality PvP system with a well-designed interface and controls that will help you with your campaigns. Hone your skills on monsters, bosses, and other players, or collect resources in order to create unique things and develop economically. Everyone will find something to their liking and their own unique path to fame and fortune in the World Of The Abyss (WOTA)!


Immerse yourself in an open landscape full of live players from all over the Цorld. Your attitude towards others is determined only by your preferences. It’s up to you whether you will clash with the first player you meet, or unite in a group and hunt together, repelling the attacks of other players.

World of the Abyss


Enjoy beautiful landscapes and silhouette quality of characters & monsters. Their skills and movements will not leave even the pickiest players disappointed! Various locations, surprising with their fabulous beauty will always haunt you on your journey.


We have developed a unique “TARGET LOCK” system which provides convenience in choosing the desired target and allows you to implement all tactical ideas in battles with players, both one-on-one and in group battles. An interactive combat system has also been implemented. You can use your character’s capabilities as you like, allowing you to implement unique tactical decisions. Your understanding of what is happening, your ability to play and, of course, your readiness for battle in terms of equipment will all be determining factors in the fight.

World of the Abyss

The well-thought-out system of battles, with other players, or monsters, with a large set of unique skills is breathtaking, and allows you to use various tactical tricks to achieve superiority over opponents even in the most difficult of situations!


Free power leveling of characters. There are no limits or restraints on the development of your character, so you can let your imagination run wild according to your preferences. You can use a variety of different equipment and combine them with your skills as you like. Perhaps you will be the one who creates the ultimate combination of strategy, equipment, and skills to destroy any enemy that comes your way, no matter how smart and strong they are!

World of the Abyss


Regular game refinements and updates from the developers mean that you will never get bored of reaching the maximum level. The constant introduction of new mechanics and various updates will give you the opportunity to move beyond. There will always be new challenges ahead.


We are in an intensive process of WOTA-game development. Much work has already been done and we now have a pre-alpha version that will be presented to the Community in order to test gameplay. We want honest feedback from you – our pre-alpha testers – so that we can improve mechanics, fix bugs, improve general gameplay, increase fun and, as a result, to make WOTA one of the best games out there. We want to make this game together – WITH YOU – the WOTA Community.

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World of the Abyss

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