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World OL

Official Launch(HK, TW) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 世界OL (by Yoo Games Global)

One-click wayfinding, stop and play anytime
Easy wayfinding, hands free! You can also upgrade while sleeping, and you can get rare resources by placing them! Whether you go to school or work, the upgrade is timed, and you can just enjoy the adventure!

Retro style! Team up for adventure and play freely
Familiar style of painting, familiar map, of course not alone in the adventure journey, novices will meet masters with superb martial arts, fight side by side, and start a new adventure story.

Open the economy! Free trade, buy whatever you want
You can set up a stall in the game, and put your weapons, equipment, accessories, props, materials and even pets on the World Channel. The price is customized, and you can choose between gold and gold.

Cute pets help in the battle! The journey accompanies you
Brand-new pet gameplay, dark lamp god, rampant pumpkin, steel garuru, etc., there are so many cute pets for you to choose! It can also be matched with skill combinations to release trivial skills, allowing you to fully enjoy the fun of battle during the journey.

Offline income, easy to play anytime
With a relaxed rhythm, it not only allows you to experience the task challenge mode, but also allows you to experience offline tasks in a new way. The operation is simple, and you can upgrade even if you are offline!


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