Worldstone: Bloodline Origins


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💡Platform – Android

The description of Worldstone (by Capetown Games)

Worldstone: Bloodline Origins is an empire simulation MMORPG where you rule a kingdom and experience the ancient fantasy era royal life: exciting adventures, epic wars, irresistible romance, kingdom management and more than you could imagine! Play for free now, and immerse yourself in playing as a ancient fantasy era king.

Worldstone: Bloodline Origins
Worldstone: Bloodline Origins

Key Features:
– Rule the Kingdom – Make good use of your resources to strengthen your kingdom. Always ready for expansion.
– Recruit Knights – Assemble legendary heroes along the journey and empower them to fight for you.
– Court Desirable Maidens – Encounter gorgeous ladies in town and forge your own love story.
– Raise a Dynasty – Nurture your children, arrange alliances through marriage, and eventually expand your influence.
– Undertake the Expedition – Crush the enemies on your way and foil their plots.
– Round Table – Unite other lords as an alliance and fight against other competitors together.
– Conquer the Server – Join PVP tournaments, unleash your strategy and prove your power.

Worldstone: Bloodline Origins
Worldstone: Bloodline Origins

Have you ever imagined being a King in the Fantasy Era?
Would you like to romance the legendary ladies and establish your dynasty?
Download now, and enjoy the life of a King in ancient fantasy era times.

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Available: Google Play – PH

Worldstone: Bloodline Origins

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