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The description of WorldWarD (by IDEASAM)

Commander. A total of 30 classes of soldiers are ready. Deploy them according to the tactical situation.
A battle’s outcome is decided by supply. If thou need special goods, craft them yourself and resupply.
After completing 100 stages of normal battles, there will be 100 stages of hard battles.
A commander’s training is difficult, and gear improvement is also not easy. However, all the odds are shown.
More money helps battles go more smoothly. However, it is not necessary for victory.
Some supplies can be used indefinitely with ads. Don’t hold back.
The Kingdom’s fate lies in your hands, commander. Good luck.


On a planet similar to Earth in the 1900s, a war comparable to WWII broke out.
The president of the 4th Empire invaded the neighboring kingdoms, and even the capitals were captured in one fell swoop.
However, our kingdom is a traditional, powerful country with exceptional technology and a mighty military. We cannot fall like this.
Become the commander of our Kingdom and launch a counterattack.

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