WOS:World Of Sword 2 (TH)

Early Access+Apk

The start of the game is scheduled for 07/21/2020

The description of WOS:World Of Sword 2

World of Sword 2 is a mobile MMORPG martial arts game created by the SEASUN team, which is a gold medal for creating sword fighting games.

Freely allocates 21 skill types Controlling the fight with the joystick Freedom to create and control the office All schools have Sota and Loli bodies, plus hundreds of features and staining. Allowing you to create your own personality. Attention to design the dungeon team of 15 people.

Guild battle at the Tomb of the Emperor, etc. with hundreds of guild’s play. Lightweight subjects can ride organic, fly, travel. And can go fishing together with friends etc. Do not forget the first intention Mobile game “World of Sword 2” to present the vast world of beautiful martial arts with your fingertips.

WOS:World Of Sword 2

Allocate independent skills to build an office Two hands control the battle through joystick. Choose 4 skills from 21 skills. In the showdown, must predict Perform positioning And must also test the tactical cooperation between the teams Unpredictable war situation It is possible to reverse the situation at any time.

WOS:World Of Sword 2

Pet companion Cute, shaking up the world Cute pet companion Allocate various skills and statuses. Able to help the battle hero Follow the battle all the time. Practice the intimate level of the partner Unlocking adventures, fun, gifts etc. depends on the players’ taste.

WOS:World Of Sword 2

Many riding animals Hundreds of features Many riding animals sit together with friends. Eat the moon Travel in the land of swords 4 There are 4 shapes to choose from. Creating hundreds of innovative and beautiful designs. And also can dye the color that you like Make you unique

WOS:World Of Sword 2

Battle tactics all over the world The Ascendancy of Three Nations
Human colors are like experiences. The three incarnations are one dream. The battle master can be a lover with a favorite person, from “lover’s substitute” to “choose auspicious day”, ending with success. “Ceremony of lovers” and also receive a new look only for free couples Show that the service is full of your own happiness.

WOS:World Of Sword 2

Smooth Guild Join the battle in the world
The Guild Brothers shoulder to shoulder toppling the BOSS in the dungeon. Let’s celebrate the guild party. Divide the shared gold bonuses every day. A large-scale showdown of 250 people – beyond the guild of Emperor Mausoleum Against hundreds of people’s camps Keeping the guild’s honor The teacher receives disciples Buppason Niwat creates a partner More independent worlds

WOS:World Of Sword 2

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