Wrath of Gods

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Wrath of Gods (by Bozzy Games)

Wrath of Gods is an idle adventure game set in the multiverse. As a mysterious ruler, you’ve left your castle to traverse the multiverse in search of planar shards and mystic secrets. The complete freedom of play lets you level up while you’re idle, summon powerful Relics, and research potent Magic. Amass power and defeat your opponents to dominate the realms!

Traverse the Multiverse to Collect Planar Shards
Embark on an exciting adventure with stunning 3D graphics. Journey from the brilliant galaxies to the deep, dark abyss.

Wrath of Gods

Idle Gameplay to Level up Easily☆
Experience the thrill of battle and the fun of leveling up without complicated gameplay.

Customize your Character
Create the character you want to play. Choose from a wide array of physical and magical skills, as well as close-range and long-range attacks.

Wrath of Gods

Add Powerful Relics to Your Arsenal
Forge and collect Relics with unique abilities to give you a distinctive edge in battle.

Wrath of Gods

Collect Special Items
Discover special items unique to each realm, and use them to equip your character with new abilities.

Combine Skills & Strategies
Devise strategies to make best use of your skills to crush your opponents and monsters in the multiverse!

Available: Google Play – USA

Wrath of Gods

Created by ©PalmassGames

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