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WuKong Legends : Idle RPG

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of WuKong Legends : Idle RPG (by SuperFlex)

Let’s go on a trip together with WUKONG and draw weapons!
Start your travel story with WuKong !

Always similar and the same character, the protagonist! WUKONG is coming!
Death Knight? No ! Slime? No ! Rabbit? No! MIner? No !
You never think about it ! In this time, I’m the main character!My name is Wukong!

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When the Idle meets WuKong ! Enjoy the Idle RPG ! DO NOT WORRY, ALL IS FREE ! Play by auto-battle
Is it boring to just idle games? Of course not~!
During the journey of thousands of miles, use your unique weapons and skill to defeat those powerful monsters!!!
Then use a steady stream of reward to grow superfast ! Feel the thrill of Upgrade like a storm!

Variety of weapons! Variety of relics! Variety of contents
Worried about drawing weapons? Don’t worry!
Just play the game for a chance to get powerful weapons and relics!
Come and Defeat monsters!
Is it an RPG or a collection RPG ! In short, come and experience the fun of idle RPG with WuKong Legends!The best Idle Rpg!

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Variety of costumes! Complete your own WuKong with various costumes !
Do you think they are all the same WuKong ~ ? No ~ !!
Cat! Zombies! Battle Suit! All styles are in it ~ !
Various styles of costumes are available for you to choose and customize!

Only Wukong is alone ? There are also companions on the way !
Is it a Miner ? Is it sponge ? Is it hero ? Or a slime ? Is it an angel from heaven? Neither! Not pets ~ our companions!
Together with Sandy, Pigsy, and Sanzang! You can pass the stages more happily and faster!
Hurry up and join hands with companions and powerful skills to destroy monsters !

Screenshot image 23

Is it a boss ? Is it a Dungeon ? Is it goblins? It’s just a cow in front of me! A dungeon of the Bull Demon King Dungeon!
Come and conquer the powerful Bull Demon King Dungeon, Defeat among monsters together with Wukong !

The cute three little pigs? ! Not! Pig Friend Appears!
There are three greedy and vicious Pig Friends in the dungeon
Let’s explore together withWukong!

Screenshot image 24

Don’t doubt, My real name is Great Sage, Equalling Heaven !
Even the Jade Emperor admitted that I was the famous Monkey King in heaven !
To get my name back!
Wake me up by Worship statue! Grow your Wukong stronger!


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