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X Club Sim: Idle Animals Party

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💡Platform – Android

The description of X Club Sim: Idle Animals Party (by LCOOL Game)

You have become the new manager of X Club by chance, which was the most popular club in the Night City.

X Club Sim: Idle Animals Party

X Club had occurred serious business issues, since the previous manager “X”, also the founder of this club, suddenly disappeared. It turns out you are the last hope. You decide to do your best to make it the best club ever.

X Club Sim: Idle Animals Party

As you get to know more about the club, some hidden secrets gradually appear in front of you. You don’t know whether you should go on, or just leave away…

In order to run X Club, as a professional manager, you can:
– Attract more animals to club with all your efforts
– Learn more recipes to entertain your animal customers
– Upgrade club facilities to increase reputation
– Hire and manage animal staffs to help run the club

X Club Sim: Idle Animals Party

Game Features:
– Wonderful city that cyborg animals live in
– Various club facilities, including base wine rack, bar counter and DJ station
– All staffs have their own secrets and you should get to know them well
– Interesting clues to help explore the mystery of X Club

This management simulation game stars, since you step into X Club.
Will you make the club boom with your efforts?

X Club Sim: Idle Animals Party

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