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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS(Coming soon) | PC

The description of X-Metaverse (by kaneKK)

We’re excited to announce the long-awaited of X-Metaverse’s official launch!

X-Metaverse is a Star Wars game based on NFT+ blockchain exploration, mining, trading and battling. Players, developers and investors collaborate in the game to advance it and earn ongoing revenue.

We are committed to promoting the idea that X-metaverse will be the leader in this revolutionary game industry so players can experience more enjoyable and exciting blockchain games!


In X-Metaverse, players can battle in PVP and PVE. Based on the play-to-earn core mode, winner can claim valuable rewards. This strong combination provides a more characteristic and interesting gaming experience. Constructed a perfect niche market for star-war enthusiasts and block-chain gaming players.

The game assets

What sets X-Metaverse apart from traditional games is that players can keep their assets in a decentralized wallet, it means that you have full control over your wallet and digital assets.

For the in-game items players have a high permits of control over what they can do with them, whether it’s transferring or trading.

For example, if you acquire a large number of Energy Cores in the game, or get SSR Space-Battleships, you can sell them Sell them in our own X-Metaverse marketplace X-Metaverse marketplace at any time and any place, and the proceeds will be transferred directly to your digital wallet upon completion of the transaction. This is done without any third-party manipulation and without any threshold restrictions.

The game token

You will also see the rise of the game token XMETA in the future, which is a token introduced to support the X-Metaverse’s game economy while rewarding our players for their participation. In the X-Metaverse, all core mechanics require the use of XMETA for reproduction. In the process, XMETA will be burned, and the great demand make XMETA a high value token.

In fact, whether it’s in-game assets like space battleships, pilots or rare items that let players to generate higher value, or in the external markets, XMETA is another efficient way for players to extract value from their time spent playing the game certainly . Players also can earn XMETA in-game easily (open in late version).

The community

The community is an important part of the X-Metaverse ecosystem, and we offer the community generous token and rare NFT rewards.

Whether it’s teaching new players how to create wallets, what it actually means to sign transactions, or figuring out the best way to help veteran players who need to advance to explain gameplay and skill sets, every supporter of the community is continually working to break down these barriers so that every player can experience the benefits and better gaming experience that the X-Metaverse has to offer.

Official website https://www.x-metaverse.org/#/

Medium https://medium.com/@X-Metaverse


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