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X2: Eclipse (KR)

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android | IOS(KR)

The description of X2: Eclipse (by Netease Games Global)

A future world in which civilization has been devastated.
In the world nearing the end, you are chosen as the protagonist of the prophecy that will end everything as a ‘God of the Sea’ and you will embark on a fateful journey. And in an unfamiliar place along the way, the gods of civilizations, tales and myths awaken and greet you.
Will you be able to join forces with them to stop the “eclipse”, the end of civilization, and achieve salvation from the end of the world?

Various characters and their stories –
X2: Eclipse is designed with motifs from the myths, legends, and civilizations of various countries.
Various characters full of personality appear.
Talk to them, travel and hear their hidden stories!

X2: 이클립스

Strategic battle through the roguelite genre –
Each character is designed with a unique combat method to compose various battle strategies
It provides pleasure to the seagoers through striking skills.
In addition, you can experience a new and different battle each time by using the various effects you can get while exploring.

X2: 이클립스

Stages with unique themes –
Each stage has a sweet and unique delicate theme.
Meet unique enemies and bosses! Beautiful scenery always accompanies the journey.

X2: 이클립스

Vibrant, high-quality Live 2D application –
Live2D applied to all playable characters!
Each character is expressed in a delicate and lively form with high quality.
Meet them with your own eyes, full of personality!

X2: 이클립스
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X2: 이클립스
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