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Xalte – NFT

Early access – Beta Test + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Xalte (by CryptoPlayer.3803)

Game Description
Xalte:Vengeful Hero is a 5V5 team fair competition MOBA game, national MOBA hand masterpiece! 5V5 glory battlefield, fair battle, restore the classic MOBA experience; chaos mode, classic mode, divine grace, diminating, etc., bring fancy combat fun! Matchmaking is fast, so you can play with your friends to score points, and attack the strongest king! Choose from a wide range of heroes, one blood, five kills, super gods, power crushing, harvesting the whole field! The enemy is about to arrive on the battlefield, so gather your friends and prepare for a group battle in Xalte:Vengeful Hero!

Game Features

1、5V5 over the tower strong kill!
The classic 5V5 map, with three roads pushing towers, presents the most original battle experience. Hero strategy matching, forming the strongest lineup, tacit cooperation extreme!

Xalte - NFT

2、Anytime you want to start a group, 10 minutes of fun!
MOBA game for mobile phones, 10 minutes to enjoy the ultimate competitive experience. You can play with your hands and brains to the end! There are many people, come quickly!

Xalte - NFT

3, team fair competition! Fun not pit fighting strength!
With the strength to carry the whole field, with the team to glory. Do not do hero breeding, and return your initial game fun!

Xalte - NFT

4、Five kills at your fingertips! Wind strong position show operation!
Micro-manipulation to change the game! Hand speed flow? Awareness flow? Watch my strong wind positioning, overpowering the herd, playing high-end operation! Reap the rewards and kill the gods in a row!

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Xalte - NFT

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