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The description of XCOM Legends (by Iridium Starfish)

We need your help once again, Commander. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary sci-fi battle like no other in XCOM Legends: the idle turn-based RPG action game set within the esteemed XCOM franchise. Assemble your squad of XCOM heroes and gear up for intense tactical PvP battles against the alien threat.

XCOM, a select coalition of Earth’s most revered heroes, both human and alien, takes the lead in the battle to repel hostile forces and confront an unprecedented danger. This threat takes the shape of genetically engineered entities left behind by former alien overlords, generating an army of nefarious clones based on XCOM’s legendary heroes. Now they must fight to protect Earth once again… from themselves.

Are you ready to combat aliens, lead the XCOM hero team, and liberate Earth from the grasp of tyrannical alien invaders? In this strategy-rich, turn-based space RPG, we call upon you to build your ultimate battle team, step into the PvP combat arena, and win. You remain as humanity’s final hope, Commander.

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Sci-Fi Story Campaign:

In this absorbing sci-fi narrative, every decision carries significance. Unearth the enigmas behind the occupation by progressing through Campaign Mode and battle waves of alien enemies.
Enlist new XCOM heroes to fight in PvP battles against those still under alien dominion.
Delve into hero-specific War Stories and the distinctive combat capabilities of your XCOM space team.
Fight your way through a visually stunning sci-fi RPG from the world of the XCOM franchise.

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Turn-Based Action RPG:
Mobilize a team of 5 XCOM heroes from your ranks and lead them into swift, turn-based battles against alien intruders.
Unlock competitive PvP gameplay modes and take on new daily challenges.
In the extensive XCOM universe, every battle tests your skill and determination. This all-encompassing space, fantasy, and action RPG centres on strategy and tactics as the key to win over the alien peril.
A war strategy game: devise your path and tactics, for with each mission, you’ll face progressively potent alien threats.
Manage resources and determine when and how to employ each hero’s distinct abilities to conquer alien adversaries and lead your space team to victory.

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Build Your Alliance and Combat Team:
Commander, your duty extends beyond guiding humanity to victory. Forge alliances and expand your combat team by enlisting heroes from diverse species. As the ultimate team builder, you will curate a roster of heroes from various backgrounds, each with their own strengths and vulnerabilities, to form the ultimate combat force.
Triumphs against the alien invaders will empower your alliance – encompassing both human and alien compatriots – with assorted skills and attributes, and build an even better squad of war heroes.

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Win Battles and Collect Rewards:
Raid enemy forces to collect rare weapons and items that give your heroes the edge in battle and PvP combat.
Remember to build your team’s base: investigate alien technology to win rewards and upgrade the base for your XCOM warriors.
As you advance and win battles over the alien menace, you will unlock even mightier heroes and weapons. Trust us, you’ll need them.

Available: Google Play / App Store – PH, AU, AT, DE, etc…

XCOM Legends | Squad RPG
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